Friesland, a wonderful province with a language of its own and lots of space with water, plains and woods. There is no shortcoming of culture. The 65 musea and many churches and mounds will fill that in. Between Lauwersmeer, Holwerd en Dokkum the little village of Wierum is situated in the embrace of the sea dyke. In the immediate vicinity there is little recreation, but if you love the serenity of a small village, this location is ideal for you. At a slightly greater distance however there are sufficient possibilities for wonderful excursions. The "Waddeneilanden" (Frisian islands) are not too far away and really worth a visit. Also cities like Leeuwarden, Dokkum and Groningen have a lot to offer to a tourist.

In the center of the village is a romantic, original fishing house. This house was built about 1700 and fully renovated in 1996. It might be used as an operating base or as a resting place. There are books, jigsaw puzzles, games and a very well extended map of information about trips in the immediate vicinity.
Byking, walking or just being lazy on the sea dyke and staring over the Wad are some of the various possibilities to spend your vacation.


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